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You Can’t Force a Flower to Bloom ...

Stop trynna better the ones you care about at YOUR rate and becoming disappointed with the results, PeriodT. Straight like that.

better yet

Stop trynna make a person better if they are showing clear and concrete signs that they ain’t on no “be better” sh*t.

Most of us — and yes I’m including myself — have a tendency to be the pusher, the helper, the enforcer, the encourager and my personal favorite... the “f*ck it, ill do it myself”-ers 🙄 But it’s not completely up to us to fix everything that we see broken. To be honest, a lot of the time it ain’t up to a muthaf*cka at all, and it’s healthier that way. Especially when you’re stepping into a situation where you dont even know the territory.

You didn't plant the seed. Therefore, you don’t have any say on how that flower grows. You ain’t familiar with the soil, you ain’t familiar with the food with what it’s been fed, you ain’t familiar with who’s watering it, you don’t even know whether or not it’s got access to any of that sh*t.

You can’t force a flower to grow.

It either will or it won’t

You can’t force a person to change.

They either will or they won’t.

You wanna know what’s up to us? Maintainance.

Feed into the ones you love, be light and be loving. The rest is completely up to them.

Favor, Peace & Blessings


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