The Bauce.

I am Jermesha Zephaniah Quentayjah Striblet-Holmes.

I am as blessed as they come.

I was born and raised on the West Side of Chicago.

The only child of two supportive parents.

While only in my early twenties, I am both an author and a business owner. 

I have a purpose and that is to be a tool and an advocate for those around me.

I am a brown girl.

I am a bauce.

Favor, Peace & Blessings.

The Business.

Brown Girl Proverb. began as the title of my first book, but it has evolved into an entire movement.

A movement that promotes entrepreneurship, creativity, beauty, social & mental health awareness and literacy in the African-American communities world wide. I am teaching, listening and learning while branding myself and my business as a safe haven and lighthouse for real life experiences. 



©2018 by Jermesha Striblet.