I was literally created to do all of the things that I am doing now and the most exciting part about this entire journey is knowing that I haven't even tapped into my every capability - I've just scratched the surface.

Hey there,

My name is Jermesha Striblet-Holmes and I am the owner and creator of Brown Girl Proverb. I've spent all of my life in the city of Chicago, hailing from the westside and the blessed side of the city. At 24 years old I have owned my title as a multifaceted creative enthusiast. That's just a very technical way of saying that I do a lot of amazing things because I'm great at a lot of amazing things. I've written books, I've helped others write their own books, I've mentored children and young adults throughout my community, I create stunning websites and content for other businesses and brands  and it has become one of my favorite concepts of my brand. My lively personality has landed me a ton of speaking and hosting opportunities along with helping breed some of the best personal and professional relationships I have to date. So, as you can see my alias 'Busy' definitely is not self proclaimed.


My approach to entrepreneurship has always been colorful. Limiting myself and others to one thing has never sat well with me. However, I do encourage mastery before multiplying your avenues. Anyone can do a million things and be 'okay' but we don't aim for subpar over here. Be great; be great and be limitless. I'd like to think that whomever I cross paths with, women especially, that I encourage them to be more in all regards...and to look good while doing so!