In search of ideas and new creative avenues? 

Some call me a "content queen" and they're right!

Every day there's a moment to explore and step outside of your box. There's so much we haven't thought of, that's where I come in.

Creating eye catching content that honestly reflects my audiences wants and needs is my thing.

Exploring all of my talents, 

they don't call me, Busy, for nothin'!



Brown Girl Proverb. began as the title of my first book, but it has evolved into an entire movement.

A movement that promotes entrepreneurship, creativity, beauty, social & mental health awareness and literacy in the African-American communities world wide. I am teaching, listening and learning while branding myself and my business as a safe haven and lighthouse for real life experiences. 


Celebrating voices. especially black voices, and helping them tell their stories. 

Hear my voice at anytime on my Youtube channel! 

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