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BIG SIS, SAYS #001: Stop Overthinking

HEY, lil sis!

Welcome to the first ever "Big Sis, Says..." blogpost (omg, I'm nervous lol)

but it's the good kind of nervousness.

I want to make sure I'm saying all of the right things and most importantly, I want to make sure that what you're reading has some substance! I want each of you to be able to relate to a little bit of what I'm saying, if not all of it. I want it to be perfect, you know?

Big Sis, Busy is an overthinker, for sure! (that's what y'all can call me)

Most times it takes me 10 drafts before I can finalize anything. I have to rework an idea one million times before I'm comfortable enough to execute it!

Like, "dang, girl get it together or we'll be in the same spot all night!"

The truth is, no matter how many times I overthink what I'm gonna do, or what I'm gonna say... it doesn't get me anywhere. I'm just stressed out, tired and insecure about everything I was once sure about!

Take math for instance (I absolutely cannot stand math word problems), I'm sure there were moments where you knew the answer to a problem or equation and despite how positive you were about your answer you allowed doubt to creep in, and you changed it!

Or when you're getting ready for a class presentation and you've practiced everything you were gonna say to the class over and over... but once you get up there you completely fumble the bag because you weren't confident enough in what you'd practiced,

Yea... get it together, bookie.

Trust that whatever you produce is gonna be top notch simply because it came from you and that big brain of yours. Just do it.

And even if it isn't all put together the first go-round, even if the calculations are a little off in the beginning, even if you find yourself stumbling over a few words ... what matters is that you put your best foot forward and you trusted yourself not only to "get it right" but to learn from it even if you didn't.


stop overthinking your outfits

stop overthinking your hairstyles

stop overthinking your homework assignments

stop overthinking what you're gonna say to your crush (mhm..)

stop overthinking your cheer routines

stop overthinking your plans for college

stop overthinking your ideas

and trust yourself.

Whew! That wasn't that hard. We got through the first post. Was it helpful? Comment below and tell me about a time where you were overthinking and how you overcame it... and if it's still hard for you, what advice do you need?

See y'all back here same time next week!

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