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can men and women work together and maintain a professional relationship?

We all love a good collaboration! Any idea that leads to an opportunity to make

some money is a great idea, especially when it's dressed up in a tailored suit and nice beard...

So, honestly... what does that look like?

When an attractive man and an attractive woman decide to go into business with one another, is there an open window for conversation outside of invoices and deals? Do you even entertain the conversation? What lines can and can't be crossed? I mean, what's more attractive than a man or a woman who obviously has something going for themselves, the two of you have already found a commonality between one another... you kind of already know what you're getting into, right?

It happens! But, it shouldn't be assumed.

just because we fittin' the description: fine, successful, working long and close hours together... don't mean we gettin' down and dirty. it's just as possible for us to birth a solid friendship OR simply keep shit professional.

The moral of the story is: MIND YO DAMN BUSINESS, let me mind my pocketbook... both of them!

Stay Busy.

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