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Secret's Out...

Entrepreneurship and dating

As a very single and very busy working lady, I'm always dancing to the tune of "do I want a man, or am I just bored and need a new project to work on?"

Because, honestly.

As an entrepreneur my primary focus is working and elevating, it's not until I have downtime that I'm even slightly interested in having a guy help occupy my time. But, you know... having a lil yea won't hurt nobody !

There's just always something in the way:

not enough time to offer the fella

not enough enthusiasm to really date him

he doesn't understand the grind

i get bored very quickly

they try to "lets work" their way into my pants...

The way my patience is set up, I have absolutely none for any of that! lol

But, I am a hopeful romantic. I enjoy companionship. I enjoy having a person. I love, love. I'm almost always in a relationship. So, yes... this is all very annoying. However, my therapist feels as though I should focus on dating myself right now. Which is something I've never stopped doing. I'm just also dating my dreams, aspirations, goals, businesses, and career.


We shall see what the year holds for this busy girl and her love life


Stay Busy, <3

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