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He’s Just Not That Into You.

Did you here it? That clicking sound? No? Me neither. Nothing’s clicking ... JUST LIKE YOU AND THAT NIGGAAAAA.



Baby Girl.




If you don’t really know what’s going on & he’s not even trying to clear it up, it ain’t because he don’t know what to say or how to say it — and honestly, him NOT saying anything says ALOT — it’s cause he not really messin’ witchu, boo. PeriodT.

And thats okay.

Be a big girl.

Accept that sh*t.

oh wait.

But you was like... feelin’ him, huh? You was about to show out weren’t you? & I mean ... you werent just out here assuming sh*t cause he was reciprocating, right? He pursued you, right? He was talkin all good, sayin all the right sh*t, he was zoin thangs and aaallladat.


With his cute a**.


Look at you, grinnin’ & sh*t. Like a kid in a candy store. Like someone just swept you off yo feet. Like you weak in the knees. Like a kid at the circus. Like a clown... BOZO, to be exact.

That nigga wasn’t reciprocating, he was retaliating! He knew what you liked to hear, so he said it. He knew what you liked done, so he did it. He knew you liked him, so he let you. A man’s intentions are straight forward so if he wanted more, you’d know by now. But you knew this already. Because at some point, you sat down and looked exactly like this...

after he said or did some sh*t.


this says absolutely nothing bad about you. the only thing it reveals is that you and him aren’t as compatible as you’d hoped for.

is this rejection?



But technically you’re not being rejected, the idea is. The idea of something more, a relationship, a courtship, ANYthing long term ... that is what he’s rejecting. The good news is you got to find out sooner than later and now you can share all of that with a guy who will make it known that he wants the same 😌.

so yea.

He’s just not that into you ...enough to wanna be fully committed to you.

But you’re good, sis. Take this (L)esson and allow that ship to sail ...

Favor, Peace & Blessings


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