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Relationship (Sorta, Kinda) Advice (Honestly, I’m Just Venting) 101

damn, baby, what’s yo name?” aah-aah, the naaaaame is, two-fifty — cause that’s what it cost just to kick it... f*ck. — Amber Mayo

hey, sis.

how you doin’?


we’re gonna pluck a few of your toxic and repetitive strings today, mmkay?


Let’s affirm some things:

1. You are THEE sh*t.

2. You deserve complete and full love.

3. You look tf GOODT.

4. You is smart.

5. You is kind.

6. You is important, b*tch.

But these hood ... nah, hold on

College ... wait a minute

Insecure ... uhn uhn, i got somethin better

Broke ...

Girl, niggas as a whole

have failed tremendously at offering up what we deserve and have instead been giving us what they feel we deserve. You’re worth far more than what a nigga has to offer you. You are French cuisine, not a fo-fo-fo. You are a night at the Opera, not a stroll onna block. How many times you gone keep letting these dudes shower you with the bare minimum? Cause I don’t know about you, sis, but I’m tiiiiiyad.

I don’t wanna ride with you to the sto no mo! You niggas ain’t tired of goin to the sto?! DAMN.

You wanna know what I want?


A date that doesn’t involve a value menu and a sprinkle of unseasoned dickeé on the side. A conversation that requires you to know more than just my name and number. An experience that I don’t have to light a blunt or take a shot to enjoy.

And I— oop...

Wait for it.

...don’t wanna have to sacrifice my peace in order to have it.

so here’s what we not gone do anymore, sis:

1. We not gone keep letting that nigga think that he’s the best you’ve ever had

2. We not gone keep apologizing for our high expectations

3. We not gone keep falling for potential

4. We not gone keep goin on the same trips to his homie house

5. We not gone keep eatin the same chicken alfredo for date night — b*tch, there’s gotta be something else on the menu... babygwuurrrl

6. We not gone keep coddling these niggas so that they can feel comfortable with their unsatisfactory behavior



Do better.

You deserve it.

Favor, Peace & Blessings


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