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Make Sure to GO When You LEAVE...

Don't spin the block on anything. If it was meant to be you would've stayed parked.

Spinning the Block ( spiniNG T͟Hə bläk ) verb : to double back on someone or something that you've once experienced

I was once the queen of spinning the block, especially with men I was once involved with. As a person who invests very heavily and very quickly into things and people, it is hard to detach completely the first time around! Honestly, it would take me a couple of times to relive the disappointment before I fully committed to leaving someone alone. But, could you fault me?

Doubling back is not a sign that you can't attract better, it's just a sense of familiarity. You've been there before so you know what to expect already.


Remember the reason you left that situation alone in the first place. Despite how much you cared for it and how long you had it... send it back! lol

And if the situation decides to return on its own without your permission, you put the pedal to the f*ckin metal, beloved!

you don't belong there anymore

that place doesn't serve you anymore

your purpose there has dissolved

you've gotta evolve

take the situation for what it was and leave it where it is

that's that.

Take your time. Do what you've gotta do. But, recognize when it's time to leave... and make sure you GO when you LEAVE.

Love you.

Stay smart.

Stay busy.

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