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WIH Series | Women in Music.

Meet Saneit.

Hey, pooh!

We all love a good "new artist" and not only has sis made her mark in the world of SoundCloud and Apple Music, but she has also been featured on & as one of the seven black, female music artists who should definitely be on our radars!

You want a lil Whitney? Oh, she brings a lil Whitney!

You want a lil Tink? This is baby Tink... Call ha "Tink Tink!"

You want a lil Monica? She will kick down ya do' and smack yo b*tch, too!

Either way it goes, baby is cold.


She's from Chicago, ofn.

She's a young, black female.

She has actual talent. -- all shade no tea

She's a dope a** individual outside of her music.

I'm blogging about her ... and i don't just blog about anybody

She's from Chicago.

did i mention that already?

She's deserves the support.

and lastly,



This #WomensHistoryMonth I am prioritizing representation of young, driven, black females who are killin' sh*t single handedly. Saneit is heavily supported and encouraged by a large village of family, friends, and even the unknown. I've been following her journey for a few years now and I've been belting out the loudest Whitney scream every time I watch her surpass another milestone.

So, I choose to celebrate you.

Happy Women's History Month.

Do you sh*t, sis.

Favor, Peace & Blessings,


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