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WIH Series | Women in Fashion.

Meet Anta (An-TUH)

oh hunny, THIS is a goodie.

I have been following this gem for a few years now & it has been such a refreshing and exciting journey to witness! THIS B*TCH IS BAD.

Not only has she been crowned the 82nd Miss Maroon And White for Morehouse College and the 33rd Miss NBCA Hall of Fame (Miss HBCU), but has now crowned herself as Anta the designer! Just recently, she has launched her very own clothing line, An-TUH (

It features sexy chic pieces for all women and a few casual selections for your everyday lady slay. Seeing her do so many things has made me a proud BIG SIS in spirit & if you don’t know about her yet, you know about her now.

Oh ! And get this !


This Women’s History Month I am highlighting the BADDEST, young, brown, female powerhouses that I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing first hand.

And, baby...

She’s very much a hot topic.

She’s very much a force to be reckoned with.

She’s very much a vibe.

She’s very much that b*tch.

Here’s to you. Cheers to you. Keep making history, brown girl!

Favor, Peace & Blessings,


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