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WIH Series | Women in Business.

Meet Lala.

it’s week THREE and if you haven’t been overwhelmed by the amount of bad-b*tchery thus far then you clearly aren’t paying enough attention!

this weeks pick is thee LalaJ of LaLaJMassMarketing.

If Business were a woman, she’d look a lot like LaLaJ and embody all of the sass and creativity as she does. She is the queen of dropshipping and all things wholesale.

You’ve got a Boutique? — she’s your girl

You lookin’ for vendors? — she’s your girl

You need some motivation from time to time? — she’s your girl

Need some business coaching? — she’s your girl

If you just need a boss chick on your timeline — SHE IS THAT GIRL!

Hailing all the way from Atlanta, Georgia , she has made an impact on young women from all across the world! Working off of her $113 in savings, she has managed to make SIX FIGURES within the last few years — all before the age of 23! (read up more in her interview with VoyageATL)

She is class, she is grace, she is femininty, she is business and she is a very busy brown girl. I cannot wait to see all that she will continue to step foot into and I encourage my audience to do the same!

Cheers to you, babygirl.

Favor, Peace & Blessings,


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