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THE BET EXPERIENCE | BetHerTV, BeingMaryJane, Black Womens Expo ‘19! | All Things Black Girl Magic💫

Hey frienndd 👋🏾😘,

So, this past Saturday I was eager to experience the Black Women's Expo here in Chicago as (1) a new business woman and (2) a GROWN woman! I believe the last women’s expo I attended was about 10 years ago ??? Whew child. I was young but I do believe I enjoyed myself, however... this was different because I had an actual agenda, ya know?

I had my business cards READ-TEE, okay?

I was there the moment the event began, I ran into so many of my fellow friends and family in business & love such as my girl, Mariah “MODI” Fair of Some Women Prefer Hell & Khadijah Warfield of Black Girls Break Bread ... just to name a couple.

So much was happening that I actually left and came back a hour later with a girlfriend of mine for round two! 😂 I just had to see my girl, Raven Goodwin (aka NIECY) from my show #BeingMaryJane with the #BETherTV fam ! — I love her, y’all. I love her forreal, lol. I even had the pleasure of networking with a fellow authoress, AJ Williams, at her book talk session during the event.


If you know me, you know how animated and charismatic I am... she is ME, I am SHE, we are the same! So, of course I ended up chatting with her and purchasing her latest book, #Kickass : A Chicks Guide to Living a Kickass Life!

Like... c’mon. The title within itself is a seller, PeriodT.

All in all, I ate good, I felt good, it smelled good, everyone looked good... it was just all good in the black girl hood. I stopped and held actual conversations with every booth member that I came across and I gaurantee you someone left that venue knowing who Jermesha Striblet was!

I’m sure this time next year I’ll be posted at my own booth 😉.

To all the ladies in the place with style and grace...

Favor, Peace & Blessings,


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