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Power In Apologizing

“People's sense of self worth is pivotal to their ability to look clearly at the hurt they've caused. The more solid one's sense of self regard, the more likely that that person can feel empathy and compassion for the hurt party, and apologize from an authentic center.” Harriet Lerner

I have received a million and one apologies.

About 999,990 of them have come from the same person and have sadly lost their substance while the remaining ten or eleven have fortunately enough come from people who matter to me, extremely, and hold a great deal of weight.

Either way it goes, they've contributed to my growth somehow.

Although apologies are expected when due, you don't always receive them. I've accepted tons of apologies that have never been spoken for the sake of my own spirit.


Those few that I have heard have been pivotal in how I speak, act, react, think, and have lifted boulders off of my shoulders that I hadn’t even realized were there. I spent years holding on to the fact that I didn’t get an “I’m sorry” from the people I needed it from the most not realizing how detrimental it was to my mind, my relationships, my emotions... EVERYTHING. That’s just how burdening it is.

I really thought this was gonna be drawn out but it’s pretty self explanatory.


With action.

Mean it.

Someone needs it.

Favor, Peace & Blessings


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