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Post Traumatic Relationship Disorder | The Aftermath of Toxic Friends, Lovers & Family


Jhenè, sis... I can relate.

what a lot of people fail to realize is that trauma surpasses just the extremes that we are used to hearing about. a trauma is any situation that has left you spiritually, emotionally, physically or psychologically scarred.

the aftermath of a trauma may differ but it’s mostly consistent...

fear of repetition

difficulty coping with change

trouble receiving help/healing

lack of trust


all signs that trauma has occurred.


all signs of someone who has dealt with a bad relationship of some sort

Can Relationships Be Traumatic?


A toxic friendship can leave you lonely by choice.

A toxic relationship can have you insecure and paranoid

A toxic kinship can make you distrustful of EVERYdamnBODY... cause if yo own family ain’t good for you, it’ll have you heavily contemplating who is

even in moments where you feel like you’re 100% ready to grow past the trauma, it could still haunt your new beginnings

Notice how you may have been in and out of relationships ... Can’t keep a friend long enough to remember their phone numbers... have you moved on from familial differences but the rest of the family hasn’t?

Trauma follows but donot allow it to chase

chase you away from better friends

chase you away from healthy love

chase you away from obtaining what you want out of a family

Favor, Peace & Blessings


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