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Love Persevering.

what is ______ if not love persevering?

Have you seen the new tv show, "Wanda Vision?"

If not, you most definitely should, especially if you are a fan of Marvel.

There's an episode where Wanda's husband, Vision is consoling her after the passing of her brother. She's expressing to him how she has run out of ways to feel about the situation and she's drowning in grief. Vision explains to her how he's never had anything or anyone to lose so he doesn't understand, but he assures her that it can't all be sorrow and sadness... it just proves that love existed. He goes on to say, "what is grief, if not love persevering?"

I love that.

It got me thinking... what is anything if not love persevering?

What is friendship, if not love peresevering?

What is marriage, if not love peresevering?

What is pursuing your dreams, if not love peresevering?

What is writing music, if not love persevering?

What is ending a relationship for the better, if not love presevering?

What is paying your childs tuition, if not love persevering

What is working a 9-5, if not discipline persevering?

What is investing money, if not faith persevering?

ya know?

so... i guess... my very sappy, deep, enlightening advice would be to let love persevere in everything that you do.

that means you're alive.

that means something matters.

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