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LMTMS, A Film & A Force — A Chicago Success Story.

YALL KNOW, I’m always keeping busy and navigating throughout my city as often as I can finding not only gems in places but in people aswell. So, I guess you can say I struck gold by coming across not one... but two Chicago gems this past weekend.


Let Me Tell My Story, the documentary...

stars and was created by two impeccable young black men from the south–east side of Chicago who decided to not only celebrate their growth but to bring us along for the ride. Jasper “JRoc” Noland, a celebrity barber & film connoisseur & Mark Thomas of Left My Mark, a renowned tattoo artist came together in the midst of both of thier trials & triumphs, along with a handful of other familiar faces from the beloved city of Chicago, and produced some of the most quality content I’ve ever seen.

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to celebrate in their one year anniversary since the first screening of the film at Studio Movie Grill near 79th (where both artists grew up) and ya’ll...



I had the pleasure of gettin to know Jasper a little bit before witnessing the film but to see these young dudes flourish in their transparency and rawness and realness was such a proud moment for me and I barely even knew these niggas! It was Chicago as f*ck! With appearances by Herb, Ryan Henry & Phor of 9MAG Chicago and damn near every other thoroughly talented city native you could think of. This was quality. Muthaf*ckin, top tier. They set the tone for defeating all odds while coming up in Chicago. I was sold! And once I see greatness I pour into it heavily, which is what I plan to do for all of those involved in this LMTMS movement. I support then ten thousand percent just off the strength of their stories and products of their purpose.

(left to right: Jasper, Ryan, Mark)

IF YOU MISSED OUT... then muthaf*cka you missed out 😂 BUT, because these two niggas are so damn consistent in their craft, WE GET A SEQUEL! Never Ending Story will be a look into part two of thier journeys and let me tell y’all... THIS AINT NO SH*T YOU WANNA MISS, SHORTY. Stay tuned and keep up with both guys on Instagram @jroclmtms @leftmy_mark & let them know TheOfficialBusyBrownGirl sent you!

To Jasper and Mark,

Do Your Shit, Completely.

Favor, Peace & Blessings


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