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the one who’ll love me next

I’m not damaged goods.

I’m fragile goods.

I’m precious goods.

I’m valuable goods.

I’m refurbished goods.

But I won’t give anyone the credit of damaging me.

That being said, I prefer to be cared for and not coddled. I’m not a charity case. I am a work in progress. Therefore, if you chose to love me you’re responsible TO me, not FOR me. You’re appointing yourself to be present and available to me and my needs, however, you will not be blamed for my actions and how I chose to respond to life. We will be fair in this love. We will be patient in this love. We will be corrected in this love because only a fool will lose when there is opportunity to gain. BUT, correct with love and not in arrogance. Unless you want to provoke disruption and cadences in both our peace and our security as a unit. Allow me to trust you before I love you. My timing, then yours. Emotional intelligence— I’m crying for a reason, I’m hurting for a reason. Neglection reveals itself to me quicker than most things so, affirm and confirm at all times. Feed me. Literally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Respect my judgment. Respect my boundaries. Respect. Period. Love me out loud, I can’t read minds. My Love is multilingual— words, gifts, action, time, touch. That is rare in itself, therefore, appreciate me. Adoration, yes. Idolization, no. Vulnerability, yes. Weakness, no. Cooperation, yes. Submission, no. We are at eye level, neither one is superior to the other. Donot minimalize me because of my femininity and do not expect me to praise you for your masculinity. That is ego and we will not submit to ego in this love. Thank you in advance for choosing me to do life and love with. Reciprocation is my forte, lucky for you. I love eagerly and heavily. Loving is fun, I enjoy it and I’m great at it... it just hasn’t been that great to me. The people portraying the love, never love itself. I’m a hopeFUL romantic, though. It’s not over till it’s over so... don’t f*ck up.

See you when our corners meet.

Favor, Peace & Blessings


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