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Keeping Busy! — Tyler Perry + BET New Series Event — Come Home To BET, CHICAGO

I’m sure you know where this post is headed, lol. THIS IS A MONTH OVERDUE, but don’t kill me! I had the luxury of attending this very black, very vibrant and very BET, event in celebration of Tyler Perry’s two new series, The Oval and Sistas!

The OPEN BAR was piled up with people the entire night! The DJ played all of the classics both old and new, the vibe was right! The rooftop was the perfect photoesque moment despite the very cold weather — we were gonna get that picture, hunty!

BUT, the highlight of the night was of course meeting the cast of both shows!

Fun Fact:

if you’re familiar with my first book, the acknowledgements include a young woman by the name of Novi Brown. she and I have been Instagram friends for about two years, she’s part of why I went ahead and self-published my book! we created a friendship online, she has my book on her night stand... and here we are meeting for the first time at an event celebrating her show, Sistas!

And here’s me acting a clown with KJ 😂❤️


So, as you can see the event was as fun as I’m making it out to be. Not to mention the shows are both worth the hype! Tune in every Wednesday night to get your weekly dosage of some good White House drama and sister friend wine downs!

Favor, Peace & Blessings


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