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I Saw The BLACK MONA LISA... and she was MAGICAL

Your favorite Busy Brown Girl is always on the scope to bring you new experiences and this past Friday, I was fortunate enough to have experienced some extreme black girl magic at The Bassline here in CHICAGOOOOOOO (Chicago Girls Do It Better).

Soule Of The Art is a movement of individuals who not only shine light on Chicago’s creatives but also involves themselves heavily within the community. This new showcase themed event highlights black talent of all sorts, and this month they focus solely on THEE black woman...


okuurrt? okurrt.

The Black Mona Lisa: Art and Performance Showcase gave me a little bit of everything and I was living for every muthaf*ckin minute of it! They were serving art, dance, song, fashion, food AND LIQOUR!

Ever seen a pregnant woman paint an entire piece in a five hour sitting ... and then sell it? I have. She goes by the name Camille Evelyn and y’all... mama is cold. The vocalists were a complete vibe with all of the “Real A** B*tch Give A F*ck Bout A Nigga” energy at its peak! Then a true black ballerina graced us with her energy to every Solange bop you could imagine moisturizing your 4c scalp to. I was living. Everyone was serving a look and in a true Chicagoans words, “doin they sh*t.”

per usual.

The Englewood Barbie herself showed so much love as a host to the artists, the crowd and the experience in its entirety that you had no choice but to enjoy it all!

The title of this event couldn’t have been more befitting to the array of black female art forms I witnessed that evening. You’ll be surprised by the gems you find in the cracks and crevices of these Chicago streets.

Favor, Peace & Blessings


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