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Girl Boss | Being Young, Gifted and Black is Cool, But it's Exhausting.

I am an entrepreneur.

I am twenty-two years old.

I am a black woman.


I am tired.

It is assumed that black millennials & gen Z’s have an advantage when it comes to be successful in 2019. There is so much room for creativity and we have access to way more than the aveverge 20-something would have had 15-20 years ago. However, that’s the exhausting part. Having so many options and so much room for competition and so much access to the world... is exhausting.

Being gifted comes with its on separate responsibilities and those become overwhelming. Making sure we are using our gifts effectively and for all the right reasons takes a lot of trial, errors, corrections and reboots. Imagine doing that ten to twenty times a year...


its beautiful to recognize so much talent and drive within our community but it’s also important that we recognize when it’s doin more damage than it is good. it takes alot of emotional, spiritual and physical strength while being young, black and gifted.

Exhaustion has a way of feeling like defeat which is scary as hell for someone in the peak of their “Aha” moment in life. So, admitting that you are tired may not come as often as it needs to.

But, how effective can you be when you’re tired?

do things get done?

are you on point?

are you even motivated?

It’s okay.

im tired too.

but this sh*t is pretty cool 😎

Favor, Peace & Blessings,


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