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They're watching, indeed. Their reasons, questionable.

Are your Facebook views outnumbering your LIKES & SHARES?

Are more people watching your Instagram stories & posts than they are actually HITTING LIKE or Commenting?

Do they watch your Snaps but engage in little to no conversation with you beyond social media?

Are your “congratulations” text messages the only means of conversation the two of you seem to have? OR Are they congratulating publicly, but never privately?

Nigga, that’s not support!

Yo a** is under surveillance!

They wanna know. That’s it!

They don’t care. They just wanna know.

They don’t wanna look like a hater, so they’ll make themselves noticeable but -WHOAH- gotta stop there!

They’re just tuning the f*ck in.


sounds real f*ckin federal to meeeeeee

Situations like this can really have you doubting your content, doubting your capabilities, doubting your influence, doubting your impact... and especially doubting the folks around you. For some, it may make you hesitant towards unveiling any further creations or ideas out of fear that no one will care.


They dont have to care, but I guarantee you they see it! You’ve got people watching. And the channel is so good, they couldn’t change it even if they wanted to. That’s a fan, baby. You have a f*ckin fan base!

Now, don’t get me wrong. That shit is weird. Beyond me. But people are gonna support whomever they feel is worth supporting. It’s never anything to be offended by. True, it may be personal but there’s a chance it’s just... preference.

But it is NEVER a reflection of what you’ve produced with your mind, your hands, your ears, your sound, your words... EVER

( I know that sounds real inspirational but this does not pertain to you SoundCloud a** rappers, YOU SOUND BAD. Period, pooh)


F*ck the FEDS.

Be Great.

Favor, Peace & Blessings


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