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Boys Cry Too | How to Handle a Loved One With a Mental Illness | part 2

Here's a fun fact:

Mental illnesses, just like many physical illnesses, aren't subjective. In fact, the same sh*t that a woman may be struggling with mentally and emotionally, a man may be struggling with as well. However, majority of black men struggle in silence. Why? Because in a society as gender-sensitive as ours, men are ridiculed, belittled, lessened and bullied for revealing any sort of vulnerability.

sh*t is sad.

but sh*t is also changing.

lemme scare the sh*t outta you right quick:

According to Centers for Disease Control, suicide is the third leading cause of death in black males ages 15-24. Wanna know why? There are 3 major contributing factors, in my opinion (which can also be proven, cause a b*tch don't just talk to talk) :

Black Upbringing


Self Negligence


(i literally have an entire chapter in my book about this - shameless plug)

A black man is raised either one of few ways: in a two parent household or by a single parent, his gramma, his aunt, etc. Majority of the time he's raised by a woman or a group of women.Contrary to belief, black women have a tendency to instill a harsh concept of masculinity within their sons due to the fact that they have to overplay their roles as "daddy" while primarily being the soft. nurturing, mama. In addition to the "stand-in" fathers (uncles, older cousins, older brothers, mentors, etc.) telling black men that they aren't allowed to cry or be vulnerable because it, in turn, makes them weak... less of a man.

01:Increase in Physical Pain or Chronic Medical Issues 02: Loss of Focus 03: Anger 04: Substance Abuse 05: Sexual Dysfunction 06: Suicidal Thoughts



You donot shrink as a man, instead, you tap into an entirely new level of strength.


We live in a very critical world where we've made up these ignorantly celebrated standards of what men and women should be. Somewhere in there society has given reason to shame, ridicule, laugh at and disrespect any man that has a vulnerable moment.


SELF AWARENESS, SELF UNDERSTANDING AND ALL OF THE OTHER "SELFS" are not being tended to accordingly. Though sitting in her feelings isn't a fun sport, it's necessary. Take into account what you feel , why you feel it and f*ck what the next person has to say about it. You have a responsibility to yourself to take care of yourself: mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Stop brushing it off! Talk to someone, there are alternatives to counseling...but there are no alternatives to living.

Black Boys Cry Too.

Favor, Peace & Blessings,



If you or someone you know is struggling with any mental health issues, here's a great reference (besides me):

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