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Black Love Language: A Four Part Valentine’s Day Series— Part 3

Figuring out the rhythms of a black hearts song. There are five different love languages; five different ways in which we let a person know we love them: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Acts of Service & Gifts. As a connoisseur of black love movies, I’ve decided to examine the relationship dynamics of my favorite cinematic, black love stories. If you recognize them, hello, my fellow romantic. If not, get to know them. Delving into a topic I’ve studied and adored for the longest is my pleasure. Happy Black Valentine’s Day.

What you want? You wanna smell my poonani?

Meet Justice and Lucky...

Poetic, Justice serenades her friends with the poems she writes in her downtime from working in a beauty salon and mourning the death of her boyfriend while Lucky is trying to pursue his career in music and working at the post office to help provide for him and his daughter.


As a poet, Justice expresses herself best in the company of her own thoughts. And although Lucky was very upfront with his intentions, his ego made it difficult to handle not receiving the response he expected from Justice. Their first couple encounters were nothing shy of conflicting and combative. Justice wasn’t f*ckin with him & he didn’t appreciate the fact that she wasn’t f*ckin with him! 😂 Which is why, in contrast to parts one and two, these two didn’t share any affirmative words. However, their actions spoke louder.


Being as though the entire movie was set around a city to city road trip, the two had no choice other than to spend time with one another. HOW they spent that time is what makes them fall in love.

This scene.

Right here.

This is where we see Justice soften up and let Lucky in and vice versa. Lucky does most of the listening while Justice does most of the talking, however, the two of them are receiving just as much as the other. There’s nothing more attractive than a man who listens.


If you’ve watched the movie you know how attentive Justice was to Lucky’s personal hygiene.

“Your nails are so dirty.”

well, in the same scene that I previously mentioned, she points out his poor hygiene for the second time. But, this time she grabs his hands and begins cleaing his nails. She went from despising this nigga to taking care of him... growth.

Now, you’re probably like “b*tch, and?”

But that moment was way beyond her just cleaning this niggas dirty a** nails. It was the thought. Do you know how electric someones touch can be, especially if theirs an obvious connection? Whew, Chile.


Honestly, after watching and “studying” the movie a few more times, I didn’t notice these two do much for eachother...

until the end.

After Lucky had blown up on Justice after finding out his cousin had died, later down the line he made another visit to the salon to make amends. This time, he brought his daughter, Keisha.

which really worked in his favor, btw, because she’s cute as ever.

He apologizes to Justice and they kiss. Real cute. Real simple. But then Justice notices Keisha’s hair isn’t combed and offers to style it for her. She takes that opportunity to bond and settle into her new role as “teetee” Justice 😂

Fact of the matter is, she didn’t have to do that. But if you care about someone, you care about everything that comes with them.


They also weren’t the gift giving type, atleast not within the time frame of the movie lol.

breif summation:

be open to all the possibilities, not every one will come packaged just the way you intended for them to be... what’s inside is what matters anyway.


wow, that was cliché as f*ck.

Happy Black Valentines Day!

Fellas, go find you a Poetic, Justice to serenade you on this extremely mushy holiday.

Favor, Peace & Blessings,


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