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Beat Big Rona : Tip #0001

COVID-19 is a very serious matter. Hundreds of lives are being lost due to lack of discipline and preparations. Although the world seems to be ending, there is always room for love and laughter. The pandemic within itself is not a joke. Everything I say surrounding our current circumstances is simply for comedic relief. Favor, Peace & Blessings -Busy


Day 13676589 on lock down.

my bed doesn't feel the same because ive been lying in it twenty-two hours out of the day

the inside of my refrigerator is SICK of seeing my face ... and the hoodie ive worn for five days straight

all I can smell is Lysol and Isopropyl alcohol ... and bacon ... so much bacon

my hands have never been cleaner

i need a new wig ... a new lace

and im about two seconds away from responding to that "wyd" text from 132 weeks ago

All because of Corona D'Virus Johnson.

So, this is for CORONA, you coughin', nasty, fever havin' hoe

1. I know you watchin' me and YES im washing my hands again ...

Wash your hands regularly for 20-30 seconds, with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub. Make sure the water is warm/hot! Your fingertips are especially important, scratch yo eye and BOOM ... Corona Viiiiirus -- (it doesn't happen that quickly but still)

2. (...) and YES this is my third time Lysoling my counter tops, my clothes and my doorknobs ... run up!

Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect! The virus lives on surfaces, typically hard ones. Although its lifespan doesn't exceed a couple of days it's still necessary to disinfect any and everything you touch! Is this really helping? B*tch WE DON'T KNOW, but this is all we know for now.


If this is how it has to be then this is how it has to be... so, please run up if you want to !

cause i get active lil baby



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