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Tiffany "Tootie" Gains is a smart and sassy eighteen year old from the west side of Chicago with a lot to say and even more to prove. She's loved by all of the neighborhood guys, envied by all of the neighborhood girls and the daughter of the most connected business woman in the city, Shawna "Lady" Gains. Her older cousin, Lump, is the hoods most eligible bachelor and her best friend in the world. But, soon both of their worlds come crashing down once the realities of their surroundings set in. Tiffany loses the closest people to her and now has to take part in a lifestyle that was never meant for her. With the authors creative twists and imagination she has managed to flawlessly depict the realness of what it is like to be loved... and betrayed.

Losses And Gains, the Novel

  • Book cannot be returned once purchased

  • Allow atleast 7 business days to receive your book

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