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BUSYTalks with Whitney Allen.

I had the pleasure of speaking with a fellow brown girl boss, Whitney Allen. Read up on her bomb AF story as a young talk show host...


My name is Whitney Allen I am a Busy Brown Girl who had the desire to become an entrepreneur by creating my own lane within my field of journalism and marketing & this is Busy Talks with Brown Girl Proverb.

Please give me an overview of your business/brand and what inspired you to accomplished all that you have thus far?

A: The Digital media marketing brand has evolved into a branding evolution.Talks.TV, created as an entertainment-based talk show offering an inside scoop of music, fashion, and art. Presenting interviews with influential uprising Artist, Designers, and Entrepreneurs. Talks Events founded in 2017, as a resourceful destination and platform for current and aspiring millennial entrepreneurs to associate, construct and distribute innovative knowledge with one another. The perseverance of Talks events: is to provide an avenue for all moguls to establish potential relationships and collaborations throughout forthcoming or current occupations.I desired to offer an intermingling occasion for millennial entrepreneurs to pursue and gather information, guidance, and skills within one another.

What is it like being young, gifted and black?

A: Astonishing, I'm thankful for the knowledge and platform I have thus far. Being a African American woman in entertainment/media is blessing the platform, engagement and network opportunities are beyond amazing.

What are some topics you’ve had the opportunity of discussing on your talk show? Has there been a favorite of yours thus far?

A: Honestly, I love them all. Each interview brings different conversation and connection but they all share one great quality and that's their passion.

What’s a typical day/week look like for you?

A: Girl, TYPICAL?! My workdays start early and usually don't end until later than it should. I'm a work in progress and time management is one thing I struggle with. Currently my weekends are typically arranged with networking events, carpets and closing it with Sunday service.

What advice would you give to another brown girl who’s interested in pursuing a career like yours?

A: The best advice I would have for the aspiring brown girl is to remain a student. Entrepreneurship is not easy but well worth it, hard work pays off ! 

Could you talk a little bit about WhitneyTalks foundation?

The story behind the Whitney Talks Foundation is from my father’s passing from cancer in 2008. Being so young then, I couldn’t really do much in terms of volunteering offerings at the cancer center, do much with my mom, or be hands-on with anything. When I was of age, I wanted to collab and be a part of something because that whole process was very delicate to my heart. When my father was diagnosed, he was back and forth but they took such great care of him. I knew I had to give back and do something for these people that took such good care of him during his treatment there. After I came back from New York, when we had the first Young Entrepreneurs with Talks season, I knew I needed to create something that would be beneficial as well. The Whitney Talks Foundation was a third party foundation with the cancer center. I reached out to them, told them my story, and they got back with me. From there, we collaborated and from there its all history!

Where do you see WhitneyTalks being within the next 3-5 years?

"My goal for the company within the next 3-5 years is to establish an enterprise media platform."

From one busy brown girl to the next, you go girl! You are on the verge of becoming a movement within itself and a moment worth experiencing. I am proud of you thus far and I absolutely cannot wait to hear from you again! If they aren’t listening now... they’ll hear about you sooner than later. PERIODT.

Favor, Peace & Blessings,


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