Waiting To Exhale... 2018

Girlfriend, here’s to peace of mind and all the happiness your heart and hand can hold cause Lord knows you deserve it.

Oooooooo, b*tch.

This is gonna be goodT.

You ready?

OK, so BOOM...

If any of you haven't seen the most classic cinema depiction of, female revolution, coming to self and an ode to a black woman's rage that is, Waiting To Exhale, what in the hell have you been doing? You've got four dynamic black women who are all dealing with their own devastating experiences with black men, depending on their friendships to help them maneuver throughout womanhood and gain a better understanding of themselves. Releasing. Exhaling, alas.

Brilliant. Bravo, b*tch. BRA-VO.

Wouldn't it feel good to breathe out?

To exhale all that...sh*t?

All of that 2018, sh*t.

That nigga.

That girl.

Those bad habits.

That thing that happened.

Those people.

That heartbreak.

That weight.

That dry spell.

That depression & anxiety.


I'm assuming 2018 was the same shitty ass year for you as it was for me.

But, hey!

If you were one of the lucky ones who had a fantabulous year... go, b*tch, go!

I'm glad you didn't get beat tf up.

Because the 2, the 0, the 1 and the 8 all jumped my ass.

2018... count ya f*ckin' days.






it was gone.

i didn't have it no moe.

Like, I've had some rough times... but, this sh*t was DIFFERENT different.


I was broke.

I was Madison and Pulaski broke.

I was two feet away from selling towels and loose squares.

Sis... how was I gone get flewed out selling towels and loose squares?




but ya definitely tried, without a doubt.

2018, you came with the works.

had a nigga stressing me dowwwwn and out.

and I know a couple of y'all can relate..

cause ya tweeted it

ya snapchatted it

ya put it on ya IG story

i seent it.

But, it's okay.

All jokes aside, I don't think everyone understands what it's like making a mistake in not only a choice, but, a person. I held my breath for 365 days, figuratively speaking. I was anxious all the time, depressed, insecure, angry, distant... all for a nigga with 4 outfits.

Excommunicating someone is so medicinal, especially if they were draining spiritually, mentally, emotionally or psychologically. My blocked callers list in my phone holds more numbers than my actual contacts. I'm well with that.

that ain't no problem.

I didn't lose people. They just met expiration dates. Hell, I probably expired on their end too, who knows! It happens. Some are easy snips, clean and painless. Others are dragged out, messy and hurtful. Either way the outcome is the same...