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Sweet Magnolias

“I truly, truly believe that there is not a problem in this world that cannot be solved by having a drink and a talk with the two of you.”

– Helen Decatur ("Sweet Magnolias")

Women's History Month is always my favorite excuse to brag about the women in my life. The women that make brunch on Sunday's that much sunnier, that make my margaritas just how I like them and let me cry for however long I need. All while working and running businesses of their own?... stop playin'.

Earlier in the pandemic, Netflix and I have been closer than my skin is to my body, and when I binge... I BINGE. One of the first shows I watched for 12 hours straight was "Sweet Magnolias". The story of three small-town best friends navigating their mountains and valleys as women with husbands, as divorcees, with children, and big girl jobs. The three of them balance one another out flawlessly. A beautiful depiction of friendship and all of its glory. I loved it. Having best girlfriends is number 3 on my list of life's best moments with number 2 being "have a legendary idea that'll leave a monumental mark on the world" and number 1 being to "mother some amazing children".

My sweet magnolias are a rare find and I am smitten. I love them heffas! I hope every girl gets the opportunity to know what it's like to have a good sister-friend. Although, I'm just meeting most of mine in my mid-twenties, I feel like I've known them my entire life. I encourage that, ya know? Healthy connections between women who are journeying through life asking for nothing more than a friendly hand to hold. Someone who sees your success as motivation and not competition. A woman who allows you to still be a girl...

a girl who loves the wrong kind of guys

a girl who splurges on things she doesn't always need

a girl who sometimes lets her emotions take the lead on her life

a girl who's still trying to figure out how to be a woman

a girl who's still blooming


There's that.

Happy Women's Month.

Stop and smell the sweet magnolias.

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