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How’s Your pH Balance?

(p)ersonal (H)ealing

Just as important as it is to monitor your chemical pH balance throughout your body, it’s important to monitor psychological pH as well.

You don’t want too much acidity in your body or too much alkaline, the goal is to have a happy medium. You’d eat more greens and healthy sh*t like grass and wood chips to increase alkaline, junk food tends to weigh heavier on the opposite end of the spectrum where all the acids are.

Now, for some of you this may have been brand new information ... and yes, I’m judging. However, aside from all science-y sh*t. The same amount of attention we put into what we eat and drink, needs to also be put into who we hang around, how much we absorb from our social lives and so on.

Now, I’m not encouraging you to live life like a prude, because scientifically speaking all acids aren’t bad acids. There are certain levels that we need to maintain in order for us to be considered “healthy.” Just like there’s are some people who’s crassness and judgment we actually need in order to keep us on our toes. The concern doesn’t come into play until the acid has surpassed its suggested amount. Too much of it could cause skin problems, yeast infections and physical and mental stress...

which sounds like the aftermath of most of these niggas and females y’all out here f*ckin with, but I digress.

So, how do you prevent said things from occurring? Drink water, be careful of who you havin sex with, eat your veggies without a boat load of Lawry’s on em’... and BOOM, your pH is back neutral!

easy, right?

Then why aren’t you doin that sh*t with the people you keep allowing into your lives? HAAANN? Why aren’t you taking any necessary steps to help you get over your traumas? Why aren’t you that disciplined with your heart and your spirit and your mind?

Be mindful of who’s opinions you allow to stick to your bones. Be mindful of whos energy is a deposit and not a withdrawal. Switch up your social diet. Get yo pH balanced.

Favor, Peace & Blessings


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